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Christian Education Department
Christian Education Department's purpose is to provide a sound biblical foundation for the body of believers. This is accomplished by what is taught and by the way we live.  We are living epistles read by all men.
Clergy Ministry
Clergy Ministry's purpose is to serve under the leadership of our Senior Pastor in any capacity that she assigns.  We are to teach, train, and minister to every soul in order that they will be successful in their Christian walk.
Dangerous 4 Christ Youth Ministry
Dangerous 4 Christ Youth Ministry's purpose is to educate our children through tutoring, counseling, mentoring while being led by the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to foster and develop a spirit of excellence among young people in the community by teaching them about the greatness that God has placed within them, and helping them connect to the vision He has for their lives. 
Daughters of Royalty Women's Ministry
Daughters' of Royalty's purpose is to reach, teach and nurture the women of NGLCC and the community so that each woman will come to faith, Christian maturity, and service through interaction with God, His Word, and one another.

Deacon Board
Deacon Board's purpose is to oversee any and all congregational concerns and assist the Pastor in helping to build the kingdom of God.  This ministry follows the vision of the Pastor.
Hospitality Ministry
Hospitality Ministry's purpose is welcome everyone with an open hand and an open heart.  We will exercise the art of hospitality, we reflect the heart of God who welcomes all into His kingdom when they enter in.
Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Intercessory Prayer Ministry's purpose is to intercede on behalf of the people of God and the Kingdom of God.  The Intercessors are unified as one unto God touching and agreeing on one accord.
Jail Ministry
Jail Ministry's purpose is to teach every inmate how to rebuild their broken lives, and receive restoration through the Word of God.
Music Ministry
Music Ministry's purpose is to glorify God through songs that are used in Praise and Worship.  Just like David danced until his clothes fell off, we are to praise God with all our might to help usher in the Holy Spirit.
Pastors Aide Ministry
Pastors' Aide Ministry's purpose is to provide quality aid to the Pastor and to ensure that any and all of her requests, needs, and wants are met in a timely fashion.
Sons of Destiny
Sons' of Destiny's purpose is to provide a high level of safety and security to the Pastor, congregation and visitors as needed, while building up the Kingdom of God.  "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward."  Colossians 3:23-24

Trustee Board
Trustee Board's purpose is to manage, maintain, and oversee the finances of the church, Finance and Fundraising Committee.  This ministry also oversees the physical properties of the church. We have been given a command by God to take care of His property and to be good stewards over what He has entrusted us with.
Usher Board
Usher Board's purpose is to provide Christian stewardship that will enable all persons who enter God's house the opportunity to grow spiritually and morally in an environment of courtesy, love and respect.
Van Ministry
Van ministry's purpose is to provide safe and secure transportation to those individuals that are in need of transportation to and from Worship Service.
Sunago Youth/ Adult Dance Ministry
Sunago Adult Dance Ministry's purpose is to glorify God through dance.  Every bow, spin, and/or move made is for the glory of God, building up His kingdom and ministering to every broken spirit.
Sunago Youth/Adult Mime Ministry
Sunago Youth/Adult Mime Ministry's purpose is to minister to souls, leading them into the presence of God and to lead the unsaved to Christ.  We use facial and body movements to convey the power of God's word through music and artistic display.

Singles Ministry
Singles' Ministry's purpose is to empower singles to live a holy lifestyle while embracing their singleness. To teach singles the joy of serving God while being single.